KLINIKA Medical GmbH

Innovative solutions for everyday life in clinics and practices

As a family-run company, we have been selling and producing medical products for the fields of paediatrics, gynaecology, cardiology, anaesthesia, surgery, laboratory, radiology, gastroenterology and pathology since 1985.
Since then, we have successfully mastered a wide variety of challenges and become an established partner. In close cooperation with doctors, clinics and institutes, we seek and find solutions that lead directly to qualitatively improved patient care.
Our sales staff maintain intensive contact with our customers in order to constantly improve the performance of our company and the quality of our products.

our Team

Over many years, we have formed a team of qualified and motivated employees who are happy to support you with all their skills and experience. This close cooperation results in numerous advantages for our customers.

Michael Kitta


Tel. 06081-9139-0

Sylvia Katzke

Authorised officer

Manager Regulatory Affairs


Tel. 06081-9139-0

Ulrich Hensel



Tel. 06081-9139-11

Gesine Dichmann


Tel. 06081-9139-15

Heidi Hübschen 

Purchasing pool

Tel. 06081-9139-13

Eleonore Hettler



Tel. 06081-9139-17

Sabine Knese

Sales assistant

Tel. 06081-9139-29

Sevim Celik


Tel. 06081-9139-10

Jennifer Werner

Sales assistant


Tel. 06081-9139-16

Ivana Rossa

Sales assistant

Tel. 06081-9139-16


Michael Kitta

Chief Marketing Officer



Reiner David

Account Manager

Middle Germany

Tel. 0160-8963833

Petra Rothfischer

Lactation Consultant

Account Manager 

South Germany

Tel. 0170  7822318

Cornelia Dielitz

Account Manager

East Germany

Tel. 0160 896 3832

 Silke Stegemeier

Account Manager

North Germany

Tel. 0160 90496940

Stephanie Hübscher

Account Manager

South-West Germany

Tel. 0151 46345069