Intravenous Catheters

G24 and G26 for Neonatology and Pediatrics

  • Atraumatic, painless puncture
     with little effort due to ultra-sharp grinding of the steel cannula and special tip shaping of the capillary.
  • Transparent Capillary
     The proven capillary allows fast visualization of the puncture success due to its high transparency.
  • X-ray contrast strips
     Three embedded X-ray contrast strips allow precise position control of the catheter in the blood vessel. Furthermore, iatrogenically sheared capillary parts can be radiographically localized.
  • Safe one-hand guidance
     through optimum combination of handle plate, fixing wing and injection option
     (KLINIJECT-V® version).
  • Integrated injection valve
     for cost-minimizing and hygienic additional medication. (KLINIJECT-V® version).
  • Range for Neonatology and Pediatrics
     by availability of versions G24 and G26 in all three versions.


  • Colour coded Luer Lock Mandrins
     for the secure closure of the KLINIJECT® intravenous cannula during longer infusion interruptions. Prevention of thrombus formation and stabilization of the capillary during infusion-free sleep. In addition, the atraumatic tip deformation of the stylet minimizes the risk of intima injuries.